"Safeway Monopoly" is the hottest subject among people right now. Safeway begins its Monopoly competition in February every year which gets lots of love from Safeway shoppers

This is the competition where individuals, mostly belong to middle class family, win tens of thousands of dollars each year. Considering that Safeway  is constantly growing at rapid pace, the competition is also constantly growing. This past year, these prizes are twice as large as last season and also the likelihood of winning is a lot better than previous decades. Hope this year, prizes will be more than previous year

The very best part about Safeway Monopoly is that you do not even need to send any information through the email to maintain your winnings. Actually, all you've  to do is go buying anything from an Safeway owned shop). Following that, you get the game tickets which decide your odds of winning.

If you are new to this game then you might feel little confused about How to play this game. If that is the case, then you don't take tension as in this post, I will tell you "How to play this game".

How to play Safeway Monopoly?

Firstly) You need to get Monopoly Game Board from any Safeway Shop or other eligible company stores

Secondly) Buy products of your choice from any eligible store to get monopoly tickets. For extra tickets, you can also buy specially marked products which contain bonus tickets inside them.

Thirdly) Now open the tickets and you will get game pieces which you need to place on Monopoly Board

Fourthly) You can also goto shopplaywin.com and enter your online game code number to win tons of small rewards such as Fandongo coupons, movie tickets, etc. 

I hope this post will clear your all doubt about How to play this Monopoly by Albertsons